Unique childcare ideas?

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Unique childcare ideas? Empty Unique childcare ideas?

Post by steph5292 on Fri May 02, 2008 12:47 pm

Hello, I am going to be moving to springfield in august to begin an internship with the department of natural resources. I will also be a grad student at UIS. I have two children my son will be 4 in june and my daughter is 7 months. It is a paid internship but i will only make about 900 a month and that is not enough to live off of let alone pay for daycare. I am looking into my options for child care. I was thinking if i could find a couple of moms who would want to trade babysitting days. I would babysit their kids or do errands or anything else that they could think of, in trade of them babysitting mine while i worked. If anyone knows if this could work or have any other ideas. I am married but my husband is staying in chicago area because he has one more year of school left. Thanks! Stephanie


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