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Post by Jen Dillman on Thu May 29, 2008 7:12 am

Green Flooring Solutions by Stephen Frankenstein

Your flooring choices can be an integral part of maintaining a “Green” home. There are many choices that you, the consumer, can make to minimize the environmental impact of your household. Most of these choices are not only representative of today’s colors and designs, but cost no more then standard flooring options.

Here are a few tips for “Thinking Green!” when planning your flooring choices in the home.

1. Recycle! We can’t emphasize this enough. 100% of recycled plastic is used for a variety of products, including carpet.

2. If purchasing laminate flooring, make sure the manufacturer uses recycled lumber and wood products for the body for the laminate. Most manufacturers do.

3. All wood flooring is a renewable source, but some wood floors are much more so than others. Cork can be harvested every 8 to 9 years and doesn’t kill the tree. Bamboo is technically a grass, and can be harvested every 4 to 5 years!

4. Mohawk industries have created a new polymer fiber that is 40% corn! This 3 GT fiber is part of their SmartStrand ™ collection, and is soft and beautiful.

5. Mohawk also produces a full line of pet polyester carpets, which are 100% recycled plastic fiber products. Refer to tip #1….Recycle!!

6. If you have a lot of hard surface flooring in your home, consider using area rugs; they absorb and store warmth in cold weather and will allow you to heat your home more efficiently.

7. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Green solutions can be a more affordable, durable and sustainable option for your home and the environment.

Stephen works at Calhoun Carpet Warehouse where the staff is ready to help you make the proper choices for your needs. Learn more and access great discounts at Calhoun Carpet Warehouse here.
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