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Post by TwinsMom06 on Thu Aug 21, 2008 10:13 pm

I am need of help....I am beginning to potty train my nearly 2 yr old boy & girl twins. I am looking to get any advice on where to begin?

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Potty Training Empty Re: Potty Training

Post by becky on Thu Aug 28, 2008 10:51 pm

Hi! I have some background with issues of infants/toddlers/children so I'll take a brief crack at your question about potty training your 2 year old twins:

1. Relax

2. Going potty is a developmental task and it will cause more stress for parents and the toddler if they are "pushed" too early.

3. A good place to start is just having 2 potty chairs and beginning to introduce them to the chairs. Before bath time take diapers off and have them sit briefly on their potty; one may love it and the other hate it-- that's okay. You sitting on your potty and doing your business at the same time while you explain can help.

4. Some signs that they are getting ready: a dry diaper in the morning, less frequent urination, stopping and noticing when they are urinating or having a b.m. (i.e. an increased awareness) and most importantly, a desire

5. Don't let it become a power struggle. When there is resistance: "that's okay; we'll try when you are bigger."

6. Although many of our mom's had us "trained" at 15 months (my mom readily admits that she was trained, not me-- she would notice my signs and run me to the toilet), most little ones aren't showing the readiness signs until closer to 2 1/2 and sometimes twins' developmental milestones can lag just a bit (they are soooo busy with the stimulus from their sib).

7. Above all? Relax. They pick up our tension and most of us that have been through it can tell you that potty learning is ripe ground for power struggles.

8. Google-- there is a lot of information out there on the topic.
Enjoy your little ones!

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