"I Dig Treasure" Christmas Gift Scores Big

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"I Dig Treasure" Christmas Gift Scores Big

Post by JulieKaiser on Thu Dec 27, 2007 5:28 pm

We bought our 6-year-old pirate obsessed son the "I Dig Treasure" kit from Ergadoo this Christmas. (Price: around $20) He broke that open and played with it for 2 hours straight yesterday afternoon in the sunlight on the front stoop of our house. It comes with an intriguing story, clues to the treasure, cool tools to dig with, and handy nerdy looking eye protector glasses that looked adorable on him. He was in 6-year-old heaven. It captured his attention longer than any of his other presents and he was thoroughly immersed in finding the little chests full of among other things, cheap plastic jewelry, plastic snakes, skulls, and spiders. If you have an adventurous girl, she would love this as well.


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