HUGE sale at Target!!

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HUGE sale at Target!!

Post by Carrie on Wed Jan 02, 2008 6:53 pm

The kids and I went to good ole Target today to return some not so great Christmas gifts.

They had some super sales. I got Frank a winter coat for next year (or even the year after, it's a 3t) for $4.24!! Yep.
A pair of sweat pants for Frank for under $2 (got 2 of those). Got Aili some sweats too for under $3.

There was also a lot of toys on sale too. Lots of clearance! I ran into another mommy friend and she was heading back to the Christmas section for round two of deal finding!

Just thought I'd pass along some good deals!!

Carrie Sluga
SAHM to Aili (4) and Frank (2) and a new one in Oct

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Re: HUGE sale at Target!!

Post by Jen Dillman on Thu Jan 03, 2008 4:41 pm

We stopped by today and I got a few cute things on the clothes racks but wanted to pass along a cute toy find (not on sale but still great).

Very, very cute and they are a green company! I believe it was only $12 at Target. They also had harmonicas (sold out) and I think a few other things inluding cute painted letters.
Jen Dillman
Jen Dillman

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