Must-Haves for Baby's First (or Second!) Winter!

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Must-Haves for Baby's First (or Second!) Winter! Empty Must-Haves for Baby's First (or Second!) Winter!

Post by lpjen0816 on Tue Feb 05, 2008 10:28 pm

Hi all - if you have any recos for products that Baby would enjoy during their first or second winter, please share! Here are some of mine, but I know there are MANY more out there! I especially love hearing about things that are found in Springfield shops!

BundleMe by JJ Cole: This godsend of a product spares you the need for blankets and coats in your carseat, stroller or bike trailer. Available in baby and toddler sizes, the BundleMe has a fuzzy, plush lining to snuggle in, and your bundle of joy canít kick it off! Machine washable, with a wide variety of styles and colors available at Babies Rí Us, Target and a slew of online retailers including

Aquaphor: Living with a teething, chapped baby presents joys and challenges. After using Aquaphor, Iíve re-gifted our butt paste and donated our unopened Balmex. Seriously, Aquaphor is the only jar of ointment you need for your entire family! We use it for chapped lips, dry teether chins, irritated bums and for massage fun. A 14- oz. container costs approx $17 and is available at any drugstore or big-box retailer like Target or Wal-Mart.

Pacifier Holders by Bella Tunno: Cuter than cute binky holders eliminate the need for squats in the snow if your baby spits out their pacifier. We love the patterns that Bella Tunno makes Ė Target also sells a limited selection (online only) of patterns under the Tunno Tots name.

What are some baby-friendly products that have made your winters wonderful?

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