A great idea to pass along....

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A great idea to pass along.... Empty A great idea to pass along....

Post by bam920 on Mon Mar 10, 2008 6:55 pm

~I got a sticker like this when I registered at the hospital. I think it is a sad thing, but a great idea. I think that just writing the info down and taping it to the carseat would work as well~ Mindi (tried to copy an image of the sticker but don't think it is working)


The CHAD safety seat child identification program was developed as a result of a traffic crash involving a 13-month-old boy named Chad. The babysitter who was driving was killed. Chad was injured, but no one at the scene could determine his identity. Only because an emergency room nurse recognized him could his parents be quickly located and his injuries be treated.

To ensure rapid identification of children in emergencies, parents and guardians of small children are encouraged to fill out the information on the sticker and place it on the right front corner (child's right), under the cushion or center back of the child's safety seat.


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A great idea to pass along.... Empty Re: A great idea to pass along....

Post by lpjen0816 on Tue Apr 08, 2008 3:00 pm

Yes! This is definitely a great idea - we have a CHAD sticker on the inside of our 10 mo old's carseat and received it when having his seat checked at one of the local driver's facilities. Even if you think your carseats are installed correctly, it is a great idea to have them checked periodically as things in the car get jostled, etc.

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