Taking money for bad behavior

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Taking money for bad behavior Empty Taking money for bad behavior

Post by TABLEFOR6 on Tue Apr 29, 2008 6:41 am

This has really worked for our house.......Every Sunday the kids get a dollar (they are 7 and 5) and everyday they do their chores (if they chose to) they get a quarter and if they don't want to do their job that is okay, they just won't get a quarter. When there behavior is bad like talking back, fighting with siblings, etc we give them 1 warning telling them if we see that behavior again then we will be taking a quarter, dollar, etc (depending on the behavior) out of their wallets. They do have the opportunity to earn there money back with good behavior that day. They also have the opportunity to do extra chores to regain some money as well. We had one of our sons do something that was inappropriate at school and went to the principals office. When he got home we took all of his money ($12) out of his wallet (in front of him and his brothers) and put it into the chore jar. Then as the rest of the week went we paid the kids with his money. He was devistated. This was several months ago and he still talks about getting all of his money taken away. This effect last a lot longer then a spanking. We like how it teaches the kids a work ethic. You get money for a job well done. You lose money when you act up. If you turn your behavior around then you can earn your money back. It also teaches them to save and work harder to get money faster. Lots of lessons here.

PS My house is a lot cleaner, the kids use their own money to buy things, and the attitudes are great. Ahhh the value of a quarter![img][/img]


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